What is the Difference Between a Psychic, a Medium and a Channeler?

Through my research and the way my mentor explained to me it boils down to traits you’re born with and how advanced those traits are. All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. And not all mediums are channels or vice versa. Yes, I was confused too LOL

Psychics have premonitions and can see the past, present and future. They use tools like tarot cards, crystal balls, runes and other tools to help them with a reading. Psychics may or may not be mediums. I have read that psychics are born that way but I personally believe anyone can learn to be psychic. Your intuition comes from your higher self, which we all have. It’s a matter of learning how to tap into it and practicing that on a regular basis.

The next level in advancement is Mediums. Mediums are psychics which can communicate with those in the spirit world. They may hear, see, smell or sense them in some other way. They can develop the skill to receive clear messages from loved ones. In this way, they are channels. Opinions vary on whether mediums are born or if anyone can develop the skill to communicate with spirits. My thinking is that your loved ones in spirit are already communicating with you (whether you’re a medium or not). They do it through synchronicity (which you may call coincidence), signs and other things.

The next level up is channeling. Channels can tap into the highest realms of beings like angles, archangels, spirit guides and ascended masters. I can channel loved ones in spirit too, but mostly talk to the higher realms. On occasion, loved ones will come through when I’m doing a shamanic healing. There have been times I meditated to channel one person’s loved ones but someone else’s had a message to deliver. General consensus (and I believe) channels are born with their abilities. I believe since mediums are already channeling one level of spirits, it would be an easy and natural shift to channel higher realms as well.

Somewhere in this mix is trance mediums. Trance mediums do exactly that — they reach a state of consciousness where they are in a trance and allow an ethereal being to speak through them. Some will leave their body and let the entity take over. Some will not. Sometimes they will take on the voice characteristics of the one being channeled, such as accent and tone. Sometimes it is their own voice. Either way, the words are definitely not their own. Again, consensus is that trance mediums are born with their abilities and it’s not something that can be learned.

Regardless of whether you are a medium, a channel or a trance medium, you have to meditate regularly and get proficient at reaching that higher state of consciousness. You also have to “build your power”. No mediumship occurs without power.  Power can not be built without meditation. Building your power a is technique that I will write more on later.