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Discover a Soul-Centered Approach to Healing

I’m Amy Carroll.

When discussing their gifts, many metaphysical healers use spiritual buzz-words that sound really impressive but, that’s just not me. The truth is, I’m not some super-enlightened new age spiritual guru. I’m just a soul seeker like you. I started my journey the same way you are starting yours – by putting one foot on the path. I’m just a little further up the road than you are. My mission is to teach you the things I wish I had known when I started out and to lead you as far down YOUR path as I’m able. My mission is also to heal those who have not been called to heal.

I am a spirit-called shaman taught in the tradition of the Peruvian Q’ero shamans who live in the Andes mountains. I am a also a Reiki healer, psychic and medium. I use these gifts to facilitate healing and positive change in people’s mental, emotional and physical being.

This website is about transformation. Shedding the old so that you can emerge the healer you were meant to be. My mission is to help you trust your gifts and embrace who you are.

If you’re not a healer, then this website can help you transform through ditching the people, repeated patterns and situations that don’t add value to your life. You’re here because what you’re doing hasn’t been working for you and you’re ready for a change – whatever that change is. The DIY option is to read the blog. If you need a more in-depth healing, schedule a healing session by contacting me. Either way, you’ll see a positive change in your life.

From the Blog

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