I have ADD and it was not easy for me to concentrate long enough to “get into” that meditative state.  I had to use tools to  learn how to do it effectively. One of those tools was the book and accompanying audio “Getting in the Gap” by Dr. Wayne Dyer. It made me understand I didn’t need to sit lotus style for hours with a blank mind to benefit from meditation. I had it all wrong. You are going to have thoughts pop in and out. It’s about consciously residing in that “space between” one thought and the next. This audio meditation will teach you how to move from one thought, to the next then back to that space.

Another thing that helped me immensely was having a routine. I meditate at the same time each day. I use the same music. I also have a ritual I do with sage and grounding that ques my mind that meditation is about to happen. Kinda like when you do a bedtime routine or warming up before working out. Your body knows it is preparing to do this one thing and responds accordingly.  After doing this repeatedly, now with one specific song intro and the smell of sage, I can instantly be in the theta brain state.  You can train your mind the same way.

My last piece of advice is this – don’t stress over not being in what you think is the “meditative” state of mind or that you’re not doing it long enough. You’re going to have thoughts arise and that’s ok. If you’re having problems staying in the empty space, that’s ok too. The point is, ALL meditation is beneficial, no matter the length of time. With a repetitive routine, your mind and body will know meditation is supposed to happen and it will naturally go there. So, get the book, establish a routine and enjoy the peace found in the space between!