Hi! I’m Amy Carroll. I could write some spiritual buzz-words that sound really cool here but that’s not me. The truth is, I’m not a super-enlightened new age spiritual guru. I’m just a soul seeker like you. I started my journey the same way you are starting yours – by putting one foot on the path. I’m just a little further up the road than you are. My mission is to teach you the things I wish I had known when I started out and to lead you as far down YOUR path as I’m able.

My Journey

When I had my spiritual awakening, I knew I had been called to heal but not what modality. The breakthrough came when I was attuned to Reiki. Initially, I had personal health issues I wanted to heal and had no intention of using it to heal others.  Opening the Reiki channels, however, opened another channel as well – that of spirit communication. I had known since childhood that I had abilities but was scared. The Reiki attunement  kicked my mediumship abilities into high gear! I knew I either had to embrace mediumship or shut it down. I chose to embrace it.

Since then, I have discovered I’m not just a medium, I’m a trance medium. I mentored with other teachers to better communicate with spirit guides, angels and loved ones in spirit. I was also called to become a shaman. Shamanism incorporates working with your spiritual “army” to help heal the mental, emotional and physical dis-ease we all have. It was a natural fit considering I already had the ability to talk to spirits. My guides tell me I am to specialize in soul retrievals, so that is what I have concentrated on perfecting. My guides also tell me I am to heal the healers and teach the next generation how to  find their spiritual gifts. That is the purpose of this website.

About This Website

This website is for lightworkers. Lightworkers are healers and healing comes in many forms. Doctors and nurses are physical healers. Shamans are spiritual healers. Mediums and channelers heal through communication. Even artists are healers. My spirit guides tell me art is “God’s beauty manifested.” Beauty brings people joy and by bringing joy to people, it raises their vibration which brings them closer to God.

If you are a lightworker (you’re here — stop fighting the denial, my friend– you’re a lightworker lol), This website will educate you on how to find your healing modality, how to embrace your gifts and how to protect yourself spiritually. This website is about transformation. Shedding the old so that you can emerge the healer you were meant to be. I’m going to blog about everything I’ve learned and am still learning. It’s all here. But, if you would like a more personalized approach, I do offer mentorships. Email me for more information.

My Gifts and Training

I am a trance medium but prefer automatic writing or regular mediumship readings to trance mediumship.  I mentored with Ahni Atkins, who is an amazing trance medium with extensive training at Lily Dale and the Arthur Findlay Institute. I am certified in Reiki (level 2)  and am a shamanic practitioner in the Andean healing tradition. I have a Bachelors in Philosophy of Metaphysics and am currently working on my Masters. My guides and angels are constantly teaching me new techniques.  I channel messages from the highest realms A LOT. You will find some of these in my blog under the Channeled Messages category. I also look for new healing modalities to incorporate with my work and to teach others.

In 2018, I began writing my first book! It is about self-healing using my specific technique and will be released mid-summer. Follow me on Facebook and subscribe to the blog to find out exact dates.

The World Needs YOU

As I said before, if you’re here, you’ve been called to heal. You can deny it, rationalize it, call it a coincidence – whatever helps you sleep at night but if anything on this website resonates with you – YOU are a healer! My destiny is to help you fulfill your destiny. To do that, I need to know what is keeping you from embracing the fact you’re a healer. If you have embraced it, I want to know what you’re struggling with. What is keeping you from moving forward? Please email me! MY calling is to help YOU. Let’s do this together.

In Love and light,