Establishing a Meditation Routine

I have ADD and it was not easy for me to concentrate long enough to “get into” that meditative state.  I had to use tools to  learn how to do it effectively. One of those tools was the book and accompanying audio “Getting in the Gap” by Dr. Wayne Dyer. It made me understand I didn’t need to sit lotus style for hours with a blank mind to benefit from meditation. I had it all wrong. You are going to have thoughts pop in and out. It’s about consciously residing in that “space between” one thought and the next. This audio meditation will teach you how to move from one thought, to the next then back to that space.

Another thing that helped me immensely was having a routine. I meditate at the same time each day. I use the same music. I also have a ritual I do with sage and grounding that ques my mind that meditation is about to happen. Kinda like when you do a bedtime routine or warming up before working out. Your body knows it is preparing to do this one thing and responds accordingly.  After doing this repeatedly, now with one specific song intro and the smell of sage, I can instantly be in the theta brain state.  You can train your mind the same way.

My last piece of advice is this – don’t stress over not being in what you think is the “meditative” state of mind or that you’re not doing it long enough. You’re going to have thoughts arise and that’s ok. If you’re having problems staying in the empty space, that’s ok too. The point is, ALL meditation is beneficial, no matter the length of time. With a repetitive routine, your mind and body will know meditation is supposed to happen and it will naturally go there. So, get the book, establish a routine and enjoy the peace found in the space between!


Native American Music for Meditation

Back in October, my friend Julie and I went to a local arts and crafts fair – where we found the jewel I’ll share with you today. Chris Ferree is a Cherokee musician and NAMA nominated artist who’s studio is in Shelby, NC. I had been looking for some more native american flute music to mediate with because the flutes and drums raise your vibration.

Lo & behold — there’s Chris’ tent, playing his beautiful, relaxing music! He had several CDs for sale. Some were very relaxing, some were upbeat. All were beautifully done and perfect for meditation. You may hear his music as background music for future guided meditations I plan on doing for you guys. But I don’t want you to wait that long to benefit from Chris’ music! Click to visit CD Baby, where you can listen to samples and pick up one of his CD’s.

For upbeat music around the house, I play “Invocation”.  It’s “influenced by Robert Mirabal, Bill Miller, and Mary Youngblood, among others. ‘Invocation’ is rooted in the traditional, while balancing on the edges of world and classical.”  For relaxation & mediation, I play his compilation CD “Walk Between Worlds”. “This CD is filled with eclectic visual arrangements and signature flute that will carry the listener to another place and once there, you will want to stay for a while.”  Yes, you will.  An no matter which album you choose, you can’t go wrong. It’s like chocolate and bacon–it’s all good : )

Meditation Monday

For the inaugural post in my Meditation Monday series and working alongside my recent manifestation post, I couldn’t think of a better choice than Dr. Joe Gallenberger’s Abundance Waterfall  and Liquid Luck meditations. I’ve listened to these on a regular basis for three years now and it’s still one of my favorites. Joe’s soothing voice combined with the Monroe Institute’s hemisync technology make it easy to relax and imagine a waterfall cascading over you, imbuing you with all the good things you want to bring into your life.

Joe has dedicated his life to studying the universal principles of manifestation. Dr. Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience as a therapist. He knew personally and worked closely with Robert Monroe (founder of the Monroe Institute). Joe co-developed the institute’s very successful MC2 (Manifestation and Creation Squared) program. In other words, this guy knows his manifestation stuff! Another cool fact about Joe is that he’s a local guy! Well, local to me, anyway. He’s based in Hendersonville, NC.

In addition to Abundance Waterfall, I also have Joe’s Liquid Luck meditation, which has been tested (IN VEGAS!!) with impressive results. I can honestly report, after listening to this for a time, I saw results. I was living on a 30 acre farm, where I walked the entire property at least twice a week for the four years I had lived there. I knew every inch of that place – or at least thought I did! In a nutshell, Liquid Luck trains you to recognize and attract patterns. One day, during our walk, I noticed a particular patch of clover. Now, this is a horse farm — there’s clover EVERYWHERE! Even though I casually look for four-leaf clovers on occasion, I’m not compelled to do it. There was something about THIS patch that compelled me to look.

This patch didn’t have just one or two four leaf clovers — oh no. This entire patch was four-leaf clovers! When it was all said and done, I picked 30 four-leaf clovers! Now, I had probably walked by this patch a hundred times that summer and never noticed them. Did Liquid Luck have anything to do with me recognizing my lucky four-leaf clovers this time? I can’t say with certainty but I don’t believe in coincidences like this, so I’d like to believe it did.

If you want to get more in-depth on the science and testing behind Dr. Gallenberger’s Liquid Luck and Inner Vegas series, podcaster Jim Harold did an excellent interview with him. Jim’s interview is actually how I found Dr. Gallenberger and so many other authors I’ve purchased from. Highly recommend Jim’s podcast and his Plus Club.  Tons of value!

And I hope THIS article has provided you with tons of value as well! I’m already looking forward to posting next week’s Meditation Monday installment.

How to Manifest Something You Want

Words have power. Intention has power. YOU have power. You have the power to manifest whatever it is you desire through words and intention. Combined with right (read: good) intention and love, you can attract whatever you want.

There are some things to consider. The universe in neutral. By that I mean, it does not see good or bad, negative or positive. What is, is. When you bring something into being (via a thought, a wish, a desire), the universe says “HEY they must want more of THAT!” and it sends it to you. When you dwell on not having enough money, you are putting out the energy of lacking money – and that’s what you get more of! We are co-creators of our own existence. We have free will and the universe, our guides, teachers and angels will send us what we ask for.  Have you ever told a little white lie that came true (like called in sick then actually got sick)? That’s you manifesting! You put that thought out there and the universe – in all it’s neutral glory – made it happen.

Adding a ritual to these thoughts brings that intention to life in the real world. A ritual is a physical act that can reinforce your thought, wish etc. Going through intentional (there’s that word again!) physical actions while focusing on a particular thought or outcome is a powerful manifestation tool. Here is a ritual to help you attract more of what you want.

Ritual to Attract What You Want:

Start from a place of gratitude. Give thanks for all the things that are going right and that you are thankful for. This mindset sends the universe a message that you want more of these good things.

Send love to all four winds – use the compass app on your smartphone to find south, west, north and east. Face each one and send love to that wind. You “send love” by stretching out your arms and simply saying “I send love to the South Wind” while projecting love to that direction. Repeat for the other three directions. You can also send love to Mother Earth and Great Spirit/God (whatever you call the higher power).

Create a representation of the item or outcome you seek. If it’s a house, find a picture of a house. If it’s a loving partner, find a picture that represents a happy, loving couple. A cautionary note on manifesting money: THE US DOLLAR IS BASED ON THE DEBT SYSTEM. Using dollar bills could represent debt, not income. Therefore, I recommend you focus on manifesting what you would use the money FOR vs money itself. So if it’s financial security, use images that represent being worry and debt-free. If it’s an exotic vacation for the family once a year, use images that reflect that.  We’re going for the end result and we don’t want to limit the universe in how we get it (other than harming others to get it).

Light a candle. I prefer white, but it can be any color. Typically, green represents financial security, blue health and red love. I like white because (to me) it represents pure intentions.

Say 3 times: “I bring ___________________ into my life. I bring it now.”

Now, I modified this for my own use. I say “I bring _________________ into my life with the highest good of all involved. I bring it now.” I do this because I am powerful at manifestation and I don’t want to get a check for two million dollars if it means it’s an inheritance from one of my parents or siblings dying. Feel free to modify this ritual to fit your particular religious faith.

You can repeat this ritual as often as you like.


You’re Not Alone – Calling on Your Spiritual Army

When I channel, I have a specific process I go through. I raise my vibration to connect to the highest realms through visualization. I imagine I’m walking down an oak-lined driveway to a big southern mansion.  When I reach the porch of the house, I walk inside. My portal to the other realms is to the right, through an elevator. The button I push to choose the floor actually chooses the level/realm I’m going to. Today they tell me I am to choose level 12.

When the doors open, I never know what will be on the other side. This time, it is a vast desert. My guides take me to a tent where I meet Jesus, Confucius and Muhammad. Muhammad invites me to take a journey. I am on a camel and he is leading it across this barren, enormous desert. He is explaining to me that most people go through life thinking they are all alone. He says, “This is not true. You just have to be willing to see.”

As he says this, sand-colored shadows start to appear all around me. Hundreds of them – stretching as far as the eye can see. He continues, “You see? Everyone has a spiritual army waiting to be called upon. You must lead them as I am leading you on this camel.”

He tells me this life is about bringing others the message that they have access to this spiritual army that is waiting to help them find their purpose, their soul’s journey – whatever they’re here for. I am to teach them, communicate for them and show them how they can communicate for themselves. People are wandering in a spiritual dessert looking for a drink. I can lead them. They are not wandering alone — they have an army of heavenly hosts and guides waiting to help but they can’t unless the individual asks (free will).
And now I bring this message to you: If you are struggling or seeking guidance, call upon your spirit guides, teachers and angels. Ask them for guidance. Tell them you are open and willing to receive this guidance. How will you know they have answered? Most of the time, it comes in the form of “coincidences”, which are really synchronicity. It’s no coincidence that you were thinking about moving to Melbourne Fl and then see a billboard in North Carolina that advertises visiting Melbourne! That is an acknowledgment that your guides hear you and you are on the right path.
Other ways your angels and guides talk to you is through gifts. You might find feathers or coins or other weird things popping up in odd places. Mine sends me butterflies. I have a friend who gets dimes. Some people get pennies.
If you ask, they will put just the right teachers and things you need in your path at just the right time. You tell them what you desire and they will show you how to get it.
Another way they communicate is by putting thoughts in your head. You might have an Eureka! moment and wonder where that came from – your spiritual army! It’s not hard to get messages. You just have to listen. My mentor told me “Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening.” A daily meditation practice where you just sit in silence prepares a time to hear your guides without the daily chaos of work, family, school etc.  Even just five minutes helps. Make it a priority as you do getting dressed in the morning. Yes. It’s that important.
Of course, if you’re in a rush and want an answer to a specific question, you can always ask me or another spirit channel to do a reading for you.